Update 2.0 – 04.10.2013

  • Fully responsive, retina ready layout added.
  • Added Instagram and Dribbble widgets to the sidebar.
  • Responsive videos and photosets.
  • Customise all the colours within the themes option panel.
  • Upload a retina version of your logo for retina displays.
  • The theme now features the new Like and Reblog buttons.
  • Fancy menu for sharing the posts on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Added social network buttons for Instagram, Linkedin, Google Plus, Vimeo, Dribbble, Forrst, Flickr and Pinterest.
  • Fontello icon font has been used for the icons so they look great on retina displays and are easily customised.
  • The Flickr feed is now compatible with iOS devices.
  • Compressed some of the CSS styles to make the file smaller.
  • Tidied up the HTML file so that it is easier to read and customise.

Update 1.5 – 07.06.2011

  • Added a Flickr Feed to the sidebar.
  • Fixed the bug with the tags overlapping and splitting.
  • Replaced Cufon Font Replacement with Google Web Fonts.
  • Added the choice of 5 different custom fonts.
  • Fixed the bug with the Social Network links not working when adding them in the Appearance tab.

Update 1.4 – 31.03.2011

  • Added extra characters to Cufon for foreign languages.
  • Fixed recurring problem with the Twitter feed not appearing.
  • Added the option to add affiliate banners to the sidebar through the Appearance tab.
  • Added a tag cloud to the sidebar.
  • Added a rollover effect to the sidebar and main navigation.
  • Edited the post icons so you can now have any colour or image as the background.
  • Added a drop shadow to the photo and video posts.
  • Added the option to change the colour of the text in the sidebar through the Appearance tab.

Update 1.3 – 04.03.2011

  • Fixed the problem where the header border didn’t move down when uploading a header / logo image.
  • Added some options to the Appearance tab such as:
  • Option to show or hide the avatar, social icons, Twitter, Following and Likes tabs (individually).
  • Option to change the colour of the main title and links.
  • Option to enter your Google Analytics ID for visitor tracking.

Update 1.2 – 17.02.2011

  • Fixed the Twitter link problem where it would give an error.

Update 1.1 – 25.01.2011

  • Added Notes to individual posts because they weren’t showing up.
  • Added a nice jQuery ‘Scroll to Top’ button.
  • Added ‘ShareThis’ to each posts Permalink page.
  • Updated documentation with Disqus and Share This instructions.
  • Removed tags and note counts from Permalink pages.
  • Added PrettyPhoto to Photo posts.
  • Fixed Disqus Comments widget.
  • Added all heading size.
  • Fixed link on date of post.
  • Fixed some validation errors.